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There are a wide variety of wine glasses as well as decanters. Selecting the right glassware depends on many factors including personal preference, type of wine being served, and the dinner setting used. We have selected a variety of wine glasses, decanters and dinner settings for you to consider for your next dinner party.

Whatever you choose, it is always important that it reflects your own personal tastes and preferences. If you find the setting pleasant, your guests will be impressed with your unique style. Make your next dinner party a time to remember.

Featured Item

Austrian Lead-Free Crystal Wine Glasses (ad)

  • All Purpose Wine Glass – The amazing and brilliant “One for All” crystal glass is perfectly shaped for all types of wine: white, red, sparkling, and dessert.
  • Ideal Shape – The shape of the glasses brings out the flavors of each wine for maximum drinking pleasure. A broader diameter at the base of the bowl and the gentle conical shape is purposefully designed to open the wine’s aromas and drive the bouquet. The incredibly thin and chip resistant 66 mm laser-cut rim concentrates aromas.

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